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Do you dream of landing one lucrative corporate client that would change your business FOREVER? 


Did you know attracting just one corporate client could be worth more than 50 individual clients for your business? (And much simpler, too!)

You can finally rest easy,

Her First 6-Figure Year

Closed $68,500 in 30 Days

Recouped #BMM Investment With One Tweak

Landed 2 Clients, Hit Annual Goal & Quit Corporate America

Quitting isn’t in your vocabulary.

You’re tired and you feel like you’ve done EVERYTHING in your power to land your dream corporate client and yet you remain... OVERLOOKED.
No one you know understands and you wish you had a coach that has been there! One that not only understands your story, but is willing to tell you EXACTLY what to do, to position yourself for your very first high paying corporate client.

You’re so close, you can TASTE IT...

Imagine how POWERFUL you will feel the moment you’ve finally cracked the code, identified the key to connect and build rapport with your dream corporate executives, you’ve packaged your offer perfectly, you’ve got an executed contract in hand, and you have the formula to repeat this process over and over. 
In no time at all, you:
  • will intentionally show up and network on the platforms where you ideal clients actually spend their time (hint: it might not be IG or FB)
  • ​can fluently articulate what you do, your offer, and your value flawlessly and in front of anyone that asks. 
  • ​will have found the perfect balance of working on your business and finding prospects.
You know your way isn’t getting you the traction you need in your business. You’re ready to land your first 5 or 6 figure client, like yesterday but these nagging questions persist: 
  • Where do I go to connect with these types of clients?
  • What do I say to position myself for 5 and 6-figure contracts?
  • How could I even find the time in my packed, busy schedule?

I know there’s a lot of confusion when trying to land corporate clients.

This isn’t the type of business model that Google can help you master. In the past, many women were deterred due to its “boys club” culture where you would have to know somebody who knows somebody to even get CLOSE to an introduction. 
Thankfully, much has changed.

Yet, without a proven plan to follow, it can be easy to make critical time-costing mistakes. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!
Land 5&6 figure corporate clients with ease!
The NUMBER ONE sales accelerator for women experts who are ready to diversify their revenue and secure 5 and 6-figure corporate contracts.


The #BigMoney Movement is a 7-module online training program that gives you everything you need to identify and land your first 5 & 6-figure corporate clients so you can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams (even if you have NO idea where to start).

Whether you have a full client roster or just starting out and crafting your offer, The #BigMoney Movement is designed to help you take your vision and turn it into ACTION. 

No more confusion.
No more second-guessing.
No more overwhelm.


  • You’ve tried everything, like throwing spaghetti against a wall and you’re still nowhere near hitting your monthly revenue goal CONSISTENTLY. 
  • ​You have had some wins here and there but realize those wins are not adding up to sustainable, predictable results.
  • ​You are spending your time in many different areas but not seeing the traction you desire.
  • ​The one time you did connect with an executive you were completely tongue tied and had no idea what to say.


  • You have a step by step outline for navigating the corporate buying process.
  • ​You’re finally gaining traction in your business because you’re clear about WHO your offer is for and the value you.
  • ​You are able to clearly and succinctly articulate what you do in any room without thinking twice.
  • ​You have a weekly cadence to follow and understand what content your ideal executive resonates with and how to quickly follow up with leads.

What’s included in

The #BigMoney Movement includes access to core on-demand curriculum, weekly live coaching, weekly critiques tailored to YOUR immediate business challenges, monthly 1:1 clarity session with a #BMM coach, 56+ easy-to-follow scripts, proposal templates, feedback on all your work, monthly mastermind group meetings with your #BMM Squad AND a world-class curated community of fellow women in business!

LinkedIn Client Attraction



Inbound Sales Leads

Prospecting Language & Scripts

Discovery Calls


Plus world-class support, coaching, and advanced training that is second to none!

Weekly & Monthly Support From The #BigMoney Movement Team

All your unique questions answered by Liz & Team directly in weekly group coaching calls only exclusive to BigMoney Movement Leaders!

We withhold NOTHING! Any and all questions, strategy, content, business growth, mindset, fears, and challenges will be answered No-BS style only the way Liz can!

The accelerator ALSO include:
--> Monthly live roleplay sessions
--> Monthly 1:1 clarity coaching sessions with a #BMM coach
--> Monthly mastermind group meetings

Expert feedback and critique of all work with Liz & team

You can submit all your work for personalized feedback by Liz & Team. Submit a draft proposal, LinkedIn Profile copy, emails, etc. (Limit of 2 critiques per week, per member.)

This is the ONLY way to get personal 1:1 feedback on your work. 

Private #BigMoney Movement Community

Not your average Facebook group! This curated group of industry leaders, and disruptors has been hand-picked by Liz and is full of thought-leaders that are at the same stage in their business and are working just as hard as you are! 

Say hello to your new accountability group!


  • The BigMoney Playbook Infographics 
  • ​The BigMoney Manifesto
  • ​New Business Calculator
  • ​IPA Tracker

BONUSES (For those who wish to Pay In Full)

  • 3-hour private group positioning session with Liz. Exclusive to pay in full members.
  • SAVE $$$$ (over 15%!)


That means all of the training, resources, modules and coaching inside BMM are available online so you can access them at any time! 

Replays of all weekly coaching call sessions, monthly roleplays and recorded critiques are available, so if you can’t participate live, you can watch them later!


There has truly NEVER been a better time to grow your business with higher-paying corporate clients. 

The longer you wait, the more people in your niche are realizing the amazing opportunity.

If you start now, you will:

Position yourself as an authority and receive your fair share of this $8 BILLION in corporate dollars that are yours for the taking! 
Fact: Corporations have budgeted to spend over 70% of their non-payroll revenue with outside experts just like you.

Potentially secure 1 corporate client worth more than 50 individual clients.

Make more money and scale & grow your business
Fact: The average woman-owned business grows by over 266% within two years of adding her first corporate client. 
That’s the difference of $44,000 annually to $161,000... OR if you’re averaging $100,000 now- that’s an increase to $360,000 annually.

Who is this for?

  • Women experts looking to secure higher-paying small business, mid-size business, enterprise, educational institution, association and/or non-profit clients.

Who is this NOT for?

  • Women who are looking to offer low-cost products to the consumer (B2C) market.
  • ​Women who aren't looking to seriously grow their business and become the go-to thought leader!


How to know if you’re ready for BMM?

You can keep trying to figure out how to land corporate clients on your own and hodge podge a strategy that “might” pay off eventually.


You can steal my proven step-by-step SYSTEM, book meetings with executives and start attracting 5 and 6-figure opportunities in a matter of weeks!

Think about where you want to be six months from now. Better yet, think about where you want to be ONE month from now.

There’s absolutely NO need to do this on your own.

With my proven proprietary framework, paired with your irresistible offer, it's time to build a solid, sustainable foundation for your business. 

You’ll get expert eyes on everything you create in the program, ALL your personal questions answer, and the loudest cheering section in your corner.

Sis, it’s time to stop guessing and wasting time! Take the first step toward shattering the revenue disparity and enroll in The #BigMoney Movement.

Listen to that voice, Queen! 
Something inside of you knows that you’re ready for more. 

Something still holding you back? 
Let me guess, you’re asking yourself...

“What if I’m not an expert?” 

FACT: Being an expert doesn’t mean you’re THE BEST. 
It just means you have a skill that others want to learn— and you’re qualified to teach OR a skillset that will help organizations solve their urgent, costly problems.

If you have deep knowledge and domain expertise, it's time that you  bring it to the corporate market.


Let's get real. Is that your real concern- or is this imposter syndrome? It's okay if you've never pitched a corporate client before nor ever landed a client. What IS important is that you're looking to help organizations solve a problem that they are aware of. (Hint: if you're already doing it in corporate OR have done it in a job- it's not an idea. It's a proven need.)


1,000%, yes! Your packages and pricing will most likely evolve over the 12 months of the program. Even six-figure business owners who join the program- find themselves fine-tuning their existing offerings and positioning. Through our templates, weekly calls and critiques (where Liz will record a tailored video recommending strategies specific to YOU), you will have every pricing & packaging question answered.


Right NOW! We have been waiting for you... Click HERE. Your 12-month access begins immediately.


So, can we be candid for a moment? You know I'm a sales expert, right? This has "buying signal" ALLL over it. You know the answer. If you are reading text this small- you knew this was the program for you when you came to this page. Go ahead and enroll before the window closes!

Hi Queen! I'm

Full-time entrepreneur, author, speaker, and corporate educator.
Since leaving Corporate America 6 years ago, I've closed over $2.3M in 18 months, selling small business solutions to corporate clients. I've also closed a record-breaking $600k in one month for one woman-owned small business.

As a speaker, I’ve had the absolute honor of speaking at SXSW, Hubspot's INBOUND and more! I have been celebrated and recognized by LinkedIn as top 15 Sales Influencer.

Fun fact… 
I'm a Chicago native whose family owns over 62 acres of land in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. I talk fast- love the big city life...but I also love getting barefoot, walking in nature and camping.

I created the program to:
  • Shatter the revenue disparity that has women entrepreneurs making $367,000 less than their male counterparts. (Who run the world?)
  • Empower women to create cashflow so that they can actually enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship.
  • Create a ripple effect of change. I want my daughters to borrow faith in the possibilities for their lives by seeing YOUR successful example!
  • ​Disrupt what it means to sell. Studies prove women are more effective at sales than men. We just do it differently. I believed it was time for a program for women, by a woman. One day, I realized the change I sought, was ME.

Determined to find a way after giving birth, I went on to close over $500k in new business by the time my newborn daughter was 6 months old.

The best part?

I closed those deals with business decision-makers from the comfort of my home office on Zoom calls… while never missing a moment to breastfeed my baby girl.

This was 2016. Long before the current pandemic. Long before running a virtual, remote business and operating via Zoom was the standard.

Now after several years of benefitting from my very own attraction system, I want to hand it to YOU on a silver platter.

I recently read that women-owned businesses average 67% less revenue than their male-owned counterparts… And that did NOT sit well with me.

Let’s stop settling for doing just good enough.

No more “winging it” and hoping the money magically rolls in.

I’m determined to do my part to help you disrupt the status quo and create a new normal.

As founder of The #BigMoney Movement, I’ve empowered thousands of women over the past several years to do just that.

To YOUR rise, Queen.